Tsog Sponsorship Donation

The Sanskrit word for tsog practice is ganachakra, which in Tibetan is tsog kyi khorlo. The word tsog means ‘an accumulation’ or ‘a gathering’, ‘an assembly or group’, and the word khorlo literally means ‘wheel.’ So the literal translation is something like ‘wheel of accumulation.’ In general one of the most important activities of a practitioner is to gather (tsog) merit. The gathering of offering of food and drink and incense and so on has been transformed into a feast ceremony which we perform four times a month at Tara Mandala. 

The community alternates between Green Tara, Tsogyel Karmo (White Dakini), and Namkhai Norbu Chöd and Parchangma Chöd tsog practices. It is possible to become a sponsor of a tsog with an offering of $100, $500, $1000, $1500 or more. You can offer in honor of a beloved, the deceased, a special occasion, long life aspirations, a world cause, for the auspicious beginning to new endeavor or celebrating a significant completion, or you can also simply offer to sponsor a tsog. Your name will be announced along with your dedication during the tsog practice.


Your name will be announced along with what you are dedicating the tsog for at the tsog practice unless otherwise specified. Please add your name, location and/or dedication in the NOTES field below.

If you would like to donate an amount that is not listed (e.g. $300), please choose a lower amount and adjust the quantity to arrive at the desired total (eg $100 x 3 Qty = $300).

Please choose your donation options below.