Tara Mandala Monthly Gomchens Fund Donation

The Druk Zangri Khamar Monastery is a sacred and the main seat of Khandro Machig Labdron in Bhutan. It is located in remote Rawabi village and was started as a meditation place for the Gomchens- lay monks and lay women practitioners. They are still a core group of the sangha and seek alms as a source of daily sustenance. However, the high rate of rural to urban migration of farming population in the neighboring villages has negatively affected the source of their beneficence. The Druk Zangri’s head lama and the sangha are deeply grateful to Lama Tsultrim and our generous international donors from the Tara Mandala Sangha for their financial support to the Gomchens. We look forward to your continued support to preserve and promote the practice of the sacred Chod Lineage of Mother Machig Labdron for the future generations in the world.


If you would like to offer your support in the form of a recurring donation, it would lessen the stress on western monastics who often have to figure out how to live month by month.

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