Tara Mandala Monastic Fund One-Time Donation

Tara Mandala Monastic Fund Donation


Generally there has been little or no support of Buddhist monastics in the West. Support of the Buddhist monastic Sangha by the lay community has been a cornerstone of Buddhist communities throughout history. There is no country where Buddhism has established itself stably without the monastic community, and support of monastics was always considered to be the responsibility of the lay community and a way to accrue great merit. In the West there is no precedence for this and thus most western monastics have a hard time keeping their vows and dedicating themselves full time to practice for the benefit of all beings. They have ended up enduring hardships like sleeping in tents all winter in below zero temperatures or not having enough food or medical treatment. 

Tara Mandala would like to create systematic support for this important part of our Sangha, to relieve their hardships and support them in full time practice. As a former western monastic who eventually disrobed, Lama Tsultrim understands these difficulties. Tara Mandala will offer support in the form of grants to monastics who are engaged in pursuing the Nyingma and Machig Labdrön lineages. This fund will support monastics with their monthly recurring costs of living and other one-time purchases required for living with either one time or recurring gifts. No part of your donation will be taken to support Tara Mandala’s administrative costs.


Donations to the Monastic Fund provide critical support to monastics in the Nyingtig and Machig Labdrön lineages.

Your generous contribution to the Monastic Fund is what allows these nuns and monks to live a simple life dedicated to Buddhist practice, making prayers and dedicating merit to all beings. The monastics help to develop and preserve our rich and historical lineage. By supporting their basic needs of daily living, you are ensuring the continuation of the teachings and practice.

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