Magyu Gau Donation - 24 Payment Option

NOTE: this option is for twenty four recurring monthly payments of $42.00
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Total Donation: $1000

This small, silver gau(locket)contains a mantra roll of the practice called,Machig Labdrön’s Transmission of the Ultimate Meaning. This practice was given to Lama Tsultrim Allione in a pure vision by Machig Labdrön herself while Lama was in retreat in 2006 at Tara Mandala. The validity of this transmission has been confirmed by several high Lamas in the Chöd lineage.  The text roll, orzungin Tibetan, has been prepared according to the traditional method by printing the entirety of the text on a small strip of paper, and then blessing with saffron water. It is then rolled tightly and marked with red paint at the top. The text itself contains immense blessings and by wearing it one is protected from obstacles. Wearing this gau close to your heart is a way to connect with the blessings of Machig Labdrön. This is the first time this sacred text will be available in this form.

These Gaus will be used for fundraising thank you gifts to anyone who makes a donation of $1000 or more to our Annual Fund through the end of the year to help us in our effort to cover our COVID-19 operational shortfall. If you can’t manage your payment all at once we do have an extended plan option and we will be needing these funds in the future as well.  The Gau is about 1 inch long.

Available plans for your offering: 

  • 1-year payment plan with 12 monthly payments of $84.00 
  • 2-year payment plan with 24 monthly payments of $42.00