Fruit of a Pure Heart: Stories from Tibet - Hardcover

Fruit of a Pure Heart: Stories From Tibet by Ani Tsering Wangmo

This book is comprised authentic stories from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that are retold here for the purpose of teaching compassion. These stories have been handed down from teacher to student for generations in order to have examples of people who have devotion, aspiration and compassion. These are people who have faced the difficulties we all face in these challenging times but because of their commitment to enlightenment of the benefit of all beings, they have transcended suffering to show others the path of attainment. Ani Tsering Wangmo, a Tibetan nun who has devoted her life to helping others, has painstakingly reported each story accurately and authentically. Reading each story will give people the chance to experience Tibetan culture without the influence of the West. The stories are illustrated by Sonam Tsering, Ngawang Dorje and Ram Bahadur Thapa, who capture the essence of each teaching with cultural integrity and illumination in order to help convey the meaning of these dharma stories. Ani Tsering’s intention is to benefit all beings and that commitment comes to fruition in this rare treasury of traditional teachings.