Ceiling Mandala Sponsorship

Sponsor one or more of the Dzogchen mandalas and create a marvelous interdependent connection with Tara Mandala and the practices represented in the mandala. Each mandala is painted by hand on canvas and then installed on the temple ceiling at Tara Mandala. The mandala’s range in their complexity and can take between a few weeks and a few months to complete, thus the difference in sponsorship amount for each. [LEARN MORE]

You will receive a color image of the mandala you are sponsoring when completed as well as have your name and dedication listed in the temple. If you are looking to make your sponsorship more cost-effective, we suggest organizing a group of sangha members in sponsoring one of the mandalas and sharing in the experience with your group!

We welcome sponsorship dedications. Feel free to make dedications to a special individual, a cause or an aspiration near to your heart. Use the NOTE field below to enter your dedication.