Butterlamp Offerings for Chötrul Düchen and Global Sangha Day

$1 = 1 Butterlamp

Throughout the year, we observe four major Buddha days or 'festivals' (düchen) that commemorate key events in the life of Buddha Shakyamuni. On these auspicious days, the effects of our actions, whether positive or negative, are believed to be multiplied by 100 million times. 

Chötrul Düchen known as 'The Great Day of Miraculous Manifestations' is one of the Four Great Festivals celebrated in the Tibetan tradition and closely follows Losar, the Tibetan New Year. It takes place on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Tibetan calendar. The first fifteen days of the year celebrate the fifteen days during which the Buddha displayed miracles to further deepen the devotion of his disciples.

The offering of butterlamps, known as mar me meaning butter fire, is connected to the aspiration that the light of wisdom will dawn in the minds of all beings. The light dispels the darkness of ignorance and illuminates the world. These offerings of light can be made for any virtuous reason. Butterlamps are lit and prayers are offered when we wish to alleviate suffering, honor a special moment, or increase the positive energy of an action or event. 

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