Butterlamp Sponsorship Donation

Butterlamp Offerings - Mar Me ("butter fire") 

Offering butterlamps dates back to the historical Buddha Shakyamuni and is also deeply ingrained in the Tibetan tradition. These offerings of light can be made for any virtuous reason, including starting a new venture, to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, to offer prayers, make an offering to a temple or statue, or to increase the positive energy of any action.

$1 = 1 Butterlamp

Add a Dedication to Your Offering
If you wish to include a dedication for your butterlamps, please do so in the NOTE section below, before adding to your cart. Please also include a name and location along with your request. Dedications will be read at Tara Mandala Retreat Center's weekly Tsog (tantric feast offering) practice. Please note that when we live stream 5 pm practice, we may read your dedication out loud.

If you would like to donate an amount that is not listed (eg 30), please choose a lower amount, for example, 10 lamps, and adjust the quantity to arrive at the desired total (eg $10 x 3 Qty = $30 / 30 butterlamps).