Prayer Requests & Sponsorships

Donate to Tara Mandala through Prayer Requests or Sponsorships

General Prayer Requests
Prayer requests are honored at the beginning of each puja. We meditate and send blessings to those who are ill and/or dying.

Zhitro Practice for the Dead
A powerful method of assisting our deceased loved ones in a most meaningful way by blessing the mind of the deceased and assisting the deceased towards a fortunate rebirth.

Tsog Sponsorship
An offering in the name of a beloved, the deceased, for any special occasion, for long life, to make auspicious any new endeavor or any completion, or simply an offer for tsog.

Offer butter lamps whenever you feel there is a need for more light in one way or another.

Flowers for the Taras
Offer fresh and colorful flowers to one or all of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.