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Here you will find the recordings from prior Zoom Calls and webcasts as well as downloadable resources for your use and practice. Please know that we are currently working on improvements to this page and expect to have material properly sorted in the upcoming months. Thank you for your patience and support. We hope the information contained herein is of service. If you encounter any problems while viewing or accessing the content, please let our team know by sending an email to (Tara Mandala Programs Manager).

Thank you and may all your dharma activities flourish!

11/19/18 Gateway Garudas Zoom Call Meeting with Lopon Beth

6/3/18 Garudas Zoom Call with Lopön Beth

2/10/18 Garudas webcast with Lama Tsultrim Allione

11/19/17 Garudas Webcast with Lopön Beth

Garudas Webcast July 2017 with Lopön Beth Lee-Herbert

2/20/17 White Dakini Tsok with Lopön Beth Lee-Herbert